Sourcing Approach

The way we source our tea and coffee is unique.

Taylors Sourcing Approach

Building strong relationships with our suppliers has always been important to us. But in the last few years we’ve been developing and rolling out an approach to sourcing that puts quality, sustainability and relationships at its heart.



Our approach to sustainability has always been collaborative. We know that to have a deep and lasting impact as a business, we have to work closely with others.

Many of the regions in which tea and coffee is grown face big, systemic challenges, and to make meaningful changes we have partnered with others in our industry to combine our resources and increase our influence.



All of our core Yorkshire Tea and Taylors of Harrogate Coffee ranges carry at least one kind of third-party certification.


Value Chain Investment

Our approach to sustainability has always been collaborative. We work with our suppliers and industry bodies to create projects in our supply chain that can bring change to the lives of the farmers and their communities. From safe water to gender empowerment, every year we invest in these crucial projects. 


Supplier Transparency

We were the first tea and coffee company to publish our full supplier list, that covers where we source all our ingredients from including herbs and packaging materials. Our supplier list is updated annually so you can see exactly where your brew comes from.


Human Rights

Our tea and coffee supply chains are dependent on millions of people around the globe and we recognise the need to protect the rights of the people and the communities impacted by our business. 


Modern Slavery

Modern slavery’ is a phrase used to describe conditions that exploit workers and make it impossible for them to leave their jobs. We wrote our first modern slavery statement back in 2015 and keep this updated every year.