More than just employees

We’re Taylors of Harrogate and you may have heard of Yorkshire Tea — that’s us too! We’re a big team, with over 400 employees throughout our office and factory in Harrogate.


You’d be amazed at the work this team get through in a year. The projects they put in place and continue to develop are simply inspiring. They help to ensure that sustainability is built into every aspect of our tea and coffee — from the way it’s produced at origin, to its journey through our roasting and blending operations in the UK and the packaging we use. They work with our producers to support the communities and the landscapes we source from and have been behind our projects on carbon neutrality, tree planting and gender empowerment in tea and coffee regions across our supply chain. 

Tea Buying

Without our tea team, you wouldn’t get the proper brew you love and cherish. They work relentlessly to make sure your brew is always perfect, tasting over 400 teas a day and travelling regularly overseas to see our suppliers to ensure the best quality leaves go into your cup of tea, no matter what the blend.

Coffee Buying

This team loves a chocolatey Colombian coffee or a punchy Hot Lava Java or an acidic washed Ugandan blend. Well they love all coffee really, which is a good job because they taste it every day, testing against the market and creating potential new blends for the future. They travel a lot too and work hard building relationships across the world with our suppliers. 

Research and Development

We call them R&D for short. They’re the team who look at innovation in our packaging, aiming to reduce and eliminate single use plastics and working out how to make our products better for the environment. They’re also the team creating wonderful new blends like Biscuit Brew!

Brand Communications

This is the bunch that work with all the teams above to communicate their work, stories and successes. They’d describe us as the crazy marketing types, but really we just like to talk a lot – and we love talking about sustainability. We work across Yorkshire Tea and Taylors and you’ll see a lot more from us in the future. 

Packaging Buying

Without this team, our products would have nothing to live in — tea and coffee would be naked and we can’t have that. These guys create the beautiful packaging for all of our products, while working closely with the R&D team to ensure our packaging is fit for the future. 

Taylors Leadership Team

We can’t forget about these guys, they are pretty important and sit in our Leadership Team with other key people throughout the business in sales and production. We all work in the same office so we see them all the time and they carry the same passion as the rest of our teams do for striving to make a positive difference at Taylors.