Environmental Footprint

Tackling climate change and addressing our environmental footprint can seem like a daunting challenge, but one we can’t ignore.

Climate Change

Our planet is changing fast. Global temperatures are rising and heatwaves, droughts and flash flooding are affecting some of the most vulnerable parts of the world and impacting farmers producing tea and coffee.


Products & packaging

We’re working hard to make our products as sustainable as possible on the inside and out.


World Coffee Research

The rising temperature of the planet has a dramatic impact on the future of coffee. World Coffee Research are finding ways to mitigate the effect of climate change by creating new breeds through farmer trials, hoping to find new coffee varieties that can survive these warmer temperatures. 


Plastics & Circularity

We’re committed to removing single use, unnecessary plastics from our products. We know this won’t be an easy or quick job, but we’re making progress and we want to make sure we do this right.


At home

In the last few years we’ve done lots of work in our Harrogate factory and office to reduce emissions, manage waste and make it a happy place for all our employees — and there’s more exciting work to come, so watch this space.