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Working hard to make our products sustainable

Transforming our materials

We’re committed to removing single use, unnecessary plastics from our products. We know this won’t be an easy or quick job, but we’re making progress and we want to make sure we do this right. 


Explore our supply chain

We were the first tea and coffee company to publish our full supplier list, that covers where we source all our ingredients from including herbs and packaging materials. Our supplier list is updated annually so you can see exactly where your brew comes from. 


How to recycle

It’s a minefield right? Well, we want to rescue you from the confusion of what can be recycled, so you can do your bit to help us in our mission to reduce waste. 


Browse some of our products

From cult favourite Rich Italian, to our can’t live without it, proper brew’ that is Yorkshire Tea, we are super proud of our products and we work hard to ensure that the quality of them never changes. Find out more on what we pack our products in and why.