At Home

Home is where the heart is, and the tea and coffee

What we do at home

To protect our planet, we need to focus on every element of our supply chain, and that includes our operations in the UK. We’re based in Pagoda House, Harrogate — this is where we blend our tea and roast our coffee. 

In the last few years we’ve done lots of work in our factory and office to reduce emissions, manage waste and make it a happy place for all our employees — and there’s more exciting work to come, so watch this space.

Energy & logistics

From solar panels at our Harrogate HQ, to modern, efficient engines in our lorries, we’re always looking to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations.


Waste reduction & management

We’ve been zero waste to landfill since 2017, but we’re also finding ways to reduce the waste we generate with an ambition to stop any avoidable waste by 2025.