Bettering lives in Kenya with ActionAid

Kenyan tea has long been one of the most important parts of our blends. We’ve been visiting this beautiful country for many years, building projects and relationships with our partners and tea farmers.

About ActionAid’s Human Rights Based Approach

In the tea communities it is mostly women who suffer. The women are the ones who work to provide for their families. A female representative who has been raised here and understands our challenges, like me, would be well placed to raise our grievances.

I attended the ActionAid training sessions from the first day. I think ActionAid can help us voice our issues to the government and factories.” 

Patricia – mother of three and small scale tea farmer, Meru.

Our Partnership

ActionAid’s project is the first time we’ve heard about a plan to educate farmers on workers’ rights. We expect to see major changes with this structure ActionAid is bringing to the tea sector. Employers have value for that kilogram of tea that the worker is picking and they should have even more value for the human being who is enabling them to have it.” 

Margaret Ward, Agricultural Officer, Meru County